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Day115 – Forgotten Dreams

The hoop stood unused The dreams of great bball players Had both lived and died here Some were known while Others disappeared into obscurity This hoop had provided hope An escape from the unwanted The freedom to believe… Anything…. That anything was possible *The poem and pic are both mine*


Yesterday’s picture – internet was down by the time I went to load it. Oh well.

Day97 – Year in Review

So, I completely forgot to do a post yesterday. Sorry!! So….I decided to upload my fave pics from this year let you guys enjoy them!! This is a petal from one of the roses that Justin gave me when we first started dating. I love how the petal stands out and the background fades on … Continue reading

Day44 – Challenge162

Everything is set….

Day41 – Challenge162

A freezing cheerleader-wannabe gives me a smirk

Day29 – Challenge162

We won for our division! YAY!!!

Day27 – Challenge162

When your cheer coach tells you to smile and have fun, this is what they mean.

Day18 – Challenge162

Day6 – Challenge162