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New Camera


Day114 – TopsyTurvy

All twisted up No where to run to The world on a tilt Slipping and sliding Nothing to hold onto Where is my saving grace? My God, my Saviour In Him I trust Setting the world aright My God, my Saviour *Poem and picture are both mine*

Day112 – Night or Day?

Was this photo taken during the night or in the daylight? You decide….

Day112 – Country Sunset

A sunset on the farm

Day109 – Frozen Drop

Day108 – the Invisible Branch


Day97 – Year in Review

So, I completely forgot to do a post yesterday. Sorry!! So….I decided to upload my fave pics from this year let you guys enjoy them!! This is a petal from one of the roses that Justin gave me when we first started dating. I love how the petal stands out and the background fades on … Continue reading

Day94 – Whiteouts

POTD Bonus

Day93 – Am I Done With Snow Pics Yet??

I edited this one – let me know what you think!! Enjoy some bonuses again!!