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Stars – Life and Death – New Bracelet


Las flores de San Antonio

New Camera

A Drowning Death

Flowers from the farm


The male of the species…

…is less deadly than the female. A rewording of Kipling, I believe.


Day100 – Love and Roses

At least it sounds better than Guns ‘N Roses. The pictures below are pictures of the roses that Zack gave me last night before leaving today. He hasn’t even been gone that long and I already miss him.

Day97 – Year in Review

So, I completely forgot to do a post yesterday. Sorry!! So….I decided to upload my fave pics from this year let you guys enjoy them!! This is a petal from one of the roses that Justin gave me when we first started dating. I love how the petal stands out and the background fades on … Continue reading

Day95 – Rose of Everlasting Beauty

As the broken, torn off rose lay shivering in the cold, unnoticed by all who passed by, the glowing light that usually emanated from the flower began to wane. Soon, there would only be enough light to illuminate the single rose on the stem. That light would be enough however, for a young man to … Continue reading