162 Day Challenge

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Study in self


Flowery bubbles

February Rain


The last day I was home, my mom took me and my youngest 3 siblings to the Lego store in the Crabtree Valley mall. It was really cool looking at all the sets of legos and watching my siblings create their own lego dude/gal.


After taking care of most of my laundry (I ran out of coat hangers – urgg), I was kinda bored. I didn’t wanna pick up the knitting right yet but I needed to do something. I ran across an old Pringles¬© can and realized that I had been meaning to turn it into a change … Continue reading

New Necklace

Today I received a new necklace from Light Gives Heat – check their website out after you check out these pictures.

New Year’s Eve Fireworks

Only the rose held on……

Donkeys, camels, horses and dogs, Oh my!!!

Hints of floridian beauty