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162 Day Challenge


After taking care of most of my laundry (I ran out of coat hangers – urgg), I was kinda bored. I didn’t wanna pick up the knitting right yet but I needed to do something. I ran across an old Pringles© can and realized that I had been meaning to turn it into a change can. However, I didn’t like the look of a Pringles© can on my counter with no chips in it. It’s just wrong. I tried to paint it blue but I didn’t like how that was going so I decided to grab a red sheet of tissue paper and with the blue paint make a purple collage-y type thing. I like it and I plan on taking red paper and yellow paint and transforming another can.


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2 thoughts on “Creativity

  1. I like it. You could spray the whole thing with a clear coat to protect it after the paint dries. They come in both glossy and matte finish depending on the look you want. Might help it last a little longer.

    Posted by Jone | 2012/01/08, 15:22

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