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Day124 – Stop In The Name Of Love

before you break my heart! This is my youngest brother and yes, he wanted me to take a pic of him while he was upside on the couch. The little monkey! Advertisements

Day122 – Me, Myself and I

Day121 – Mint Among The Candy

Day120 – Life Goes By Too Fast

My friend, Kamrin McGarry, wanted me to edit the above picture and the one below is by far is the coolest edit of it.


Day118 – Sprinkled Hearts

Day117 – Lost Light

Day116 – Forgotten Glass

No poem today guys – nothing inspired me today.

Day115 – Forgotten Dreams

The hoop stood unused The dreams of great bball players Had both lived and died here Some were known while Others disappeared into obscurity This hoop had provided hope An escape from the unwanted The freedom to believe… Anything…. That anything was possible *The poem and pic are both mine*

Day114 – TopsyTurvy

All twisted up No where to run to The world on a tilt Slipping and sliding Nothing to hold onto Where is my saving grace? My God, my Saviour In Him I trust Setting the world aright My God, my Saviour *Poem and picture are both mine*