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Day95 – Rose of Everlasting Beauty

As the broken, torn off rose lay shivering in the cold, unnoticed by all who passed by, the glowing light that usually emanated from the flower began to wane. Soon, there would only be enough light to illuminate the single rose on the stem. That light would be enough however, for a young man to … Continue reading

Day94 – Whiteouts

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Day93 – Am I Done With Snow Pics Yet??

I edited this one – let me know what you think!! Enjoy some bonuses again!!

Day92 – More Snow Pics

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Day91 – Snow!!!

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As it slowly hangs on to every ounce of life, it slips into a sea of blackness and emptiness where death is almost at hand but never there.


Our adorably cute, bottle baby goat named Mary. She spent all day trying to figure out the bottle thing and finally got the hang of it – hopefully she will be fine. Fingers crossed.


Ok, ok, it’s official. I like black-n-white nature pictures. I like it when your focus is on a set of leaves, or a single tree or even the sunset. I love that in nature, the simplicity of it all. I like it when I really don’t have to spend 45min editing to make a great … Continue reading


The triple color sunset silhouetted by lonely, dying tree


The young girl smiles as her mom watches the play going on.